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Seller Protection Plan for COVID-19

Many in our community want to sell and take advantage of low interest rates and move up into other homes. Or they’re realizing during quarantine that their current home is too large BUT don’t know if they’re allowed to sell and DON’T want to risk exposing themselves and their family to the Covid-19 Virus.


Our COVID 19 Seller Protection Program solves this dilemma. We are selling homes 100% virtually without any need to enter the home.  Because we are an experienced and qualified team (and voted Top Choice Barrie’s #1 Real Estate Agency of 2020) and have handled thousands of transactions we have proprietary systems to make sure your family is safe.

How You’re Protected

BEFORE you even considering listing with CRIPPS Realty, we prepare a total market analysis of your home. This includes a computerized printout (or email) of all comparable home sales and current listings in the area. We also prepare and walk through our marketing efforts and how the whole process works and what to expect.


Using this information, together we determine a market value for your home. This also determines your guaranteed price and list price which you receive upfront and in writing before we begin to market your home.


Our guaranteed sales price is the lowest you would possibly sell your home for so you know what your bottom line is (but we will happily push it for more and it is always based off of market comparables – no low balling). You would never be stuck holding two mortgages, because we guarantee if we can’t sell it in 30 days we will buy it ourselves for that price or sell it for FREE.

With our COVID-19 Seller Protection Program, you can sell your home without worrying about it not selling or your family’s health.

The best part about our COVID 19 Seller Protection Program is that you eliminate the usual stress and worry most home sellers have:

  • No possibly sick buyers coming into your home
  • You choose the closing date
  • No emotional roller coaster
  • No chance of getting stuck owning two homes

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Our Seller Protection Program makes the house selling process safe in these uncertain times.

My team and I have built a database of over 16,000 buyers looking to buy a home in Simcoe County. We match your home’s criteria to our database of buyers search criteria. We then send your home’s virtual tour video and home floor plan done by our in house professional to everyone in our database.


If you do not like any of the offers from our buyers then we expose it to over 60,000+ realtors and 100’s of thousands local residents. We then negotiate an acceptable offer between you and the buyer for your home and choose a closing date and sign agreements all 100% virtually. It then goes into the lawyers hands which can now also be done virtually. New buyers don’t even need to go to their lawyers to pick up the keys for your home on closing date (there is an extra clause in the agreement that just allows them to use a lockbox that will be located on your home).


We also provide our clients with the use of free moving trailers, boxes and tape. Everything can be picked up at our office without seeing anyone, or dropped off if you don’t have access to get the trailer to you.

Download our Free Guide to the Seller Protection Plan from Cripps Realty

Not happy with your new home? We guarantee you’ll love your next home for 1 year after moving in or we’ll buy it back or sell it for free for you!


The last thing you need to add to this “new normal” is the stress of selling your home, so take the stresses away with our guarantees and stay in your pajamas and get your home SOLD.


When you receive this guaranteed price from us in writing, you will have the security of knowing your home is guaranteed to sell. We’ll take all the risk. You know your home will sell, you know you and your family are safe, and you know you will always get to benefit from the highest offer (whether it’s our guaranteed sale price or a higher offer from an outside buyer).

Ready for your next chapter?