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Giving Back

Hospice Simcoe

Although it was not Hospice Simcoe, it was a Hospice in Oakville (Ian Anderson House) where my grandmother passed from a brain tumor over 20 years ago, it has always been something I remembered as a welcoming environment. This is why I chose my first donation to go somewhere where so many caring individuals making those residents last few days, weeks or even months most memorable.


Big Brothers Big Sisters

As some of you know I mentored a “little” (who is no longer little anymore and has her own child now) but I found it an amazing experience for myself and I hope she would feel the same.   I have also come across many adults over the years who were mentored as children and it really turned their lives around and made an impact on which path they evidently chose.   We all know the children are our future so if we can give them role models and support them then we are one step in the right direction.


Dress for Success 

The reason I choose this one was that I never liked if I succeeded at something someone would often ask me who I married. This pushed me to want to do more myself and as a woman knowing I had gotten to where I was because of me and no one else. Dress for Success helps women at crucial transitions in their lives, they provide professional clothing for them, help with the interview process and encourage them to be independent successful women.


World Harvest

As a traveler, I have been blessed to see many different countries throughout the world. However, on these treks you also come across those that do not have much and often lack clean water, education, even a roof over their head. World Harvest sponsors children in Indonesia, Africa, and Pakistan where most children abide in huts surrounded by smog, often near landfills or around garbage and raw sewage, and have never seen the inside of a classroom. We are blessed to live in Canada and have such amenities but why not help out those who aren’t as fortunate. World Harvest makes this possible.


Children’s Miracle Network

I luckily do not have personal experience with an ill child but I can not imagine the devastation and heartache of seeing someone so young and helpless facing such horrendous diseases.   More than 10 million children enter hospitals like SickKids throughout North America every year.  This foundation started in 1983 helps with equipment, medical research, and even community awareness.


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